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Tuition Assistance

Lingua Health understands that while you have your sights set on starting a career in speech-language pathology, you have to first concentrate on meeting the challenges of graduate school. We want to help. Our tuition assistance program can help ease the financial burden of earning your degree while enabling you to kick-start your career right after graduation. It features:

  • Tuition assistance of up to $5,000 for qualified candidates
  • Bilingual Immersion Program Tuition assistance of up to $10,000 for candidates enrolled in qualifying Illinois Graduate Programs
  • Guaranteed employment with Lingua Health after graduation

Simply fill out our Tuition Assistance program application to start to qualify. Acceptance in the program requires working for Lingua Health for at least one year upon graduation. You must also be in the second year of an eligible graduate program and interested in working in a school-based setting.

Have questions? Need more information? Simply email Sara or call 847-424-0106.