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The Lingua Health YouTube Channel

Lingua Health’s YouTube channel features speech-language pathology experts discussing key trends as well as providing insight to clinicians, students and parents. A wealth of information is available from career considerations to the latest research findings.

Below are the categories of the videos that have been published. Go to the category page to watch the videos listed. To receive notifications about the release of new topics, please subscribe to the Lingua Health YouTube channel.

Speech-Language Pathology Career Advice

  • Considering a Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology Career
  • Choosing a Hospital or School-Based Setting
  • Considering a Hospital Setting
  • Building a Hospital-based Practice
  • Trends In Hospital Care
  • American Speech Language Pathologists Working Abroad

Speech-Language Pathology Graduate School Advice

  • Bilingual Speech Pathology: Selecting a Graduate Program
  • Selecting a Speech-Language Pathology Program: A Student’s Perspective

Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology

  • Myths About Bilingual Children
  • Can Special Needs Kids be Bilingual?
  • Overcoming Barriers
  • Selecting a Graduate Program
  • Trends & Benefits of Bilingualism
  • Key Components of Bilingual Language Assessment
  • Choosing the Language of Intervention
  • Autistic Children Benefit When Allowed to Remain Bilingual
  • Facilitating Bilingual Speech-Language Development
  • Bilingual Speech-Language Success: Overcoming Stuttering
  • Considering a Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology Career

Autism Resources for Speech-Language Pathologists

  • Choosing Effective Communication Devices for Autistic Children
  • Autistic Children Benefit When Allowed to Remain Bilingual
  • Developing Speech Systems for Children with Autism

Speech-Language Pathologists Role in Literacy and Language Development

  • How Speech-Language Pathologists Help Identify and Prevent Reading Difficulties
  • How Culture Influences Children’s Narrative Production

Speech-Language Pathology Resources for and about Parents

  • Speech Language Pathology: A Parent’s Perspective
  • Hospital-based Speech-Language Pathology: Perspective for Parents and New Clinicians
  • Educating Parents is Key to Speech Development Success

Lingua Health Speech-Language Pathology Support Resources

  • Speech-Language Pathology: Establishing Systems for Success

Lingua Health Company Information

  • The Lingua Health Speech Language Pathologist Support Model
  • Speech-Language Pathology Jobs: Lingua Health Recruiting