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Recommended SLP Resources by Dr. Brenda K. Gorman, CCC-SLP

Brenda Gorman, PH.D., CCC-SLP, Advisory Clinical Director, will continually update this section with her recommended resources for speech-language pathologists. Please visit the Lingua Health and Grupo Lingua YouTube channels for the supporting videos for each topic.

Bilingualism and Special Needs Kids
Hambly, C., & Fombonne, E. The impact of bilingual environments on language development in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders (Online First, 22 September 2011). Supporting video: Can Special Needs Kids Be Bilingual?

Kay-Raining Bird, E., Cleave, P., Trudeau, N., Thordardottir, E., Sutton, A., & Thorpe, A. (2005). The language abilities of bilingual children with Down syndrome. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 14, 187–199. Supporting video: Can Special Needs Kids Be Bilingual?

Kohnert, K., Yim, D., Nett, K., Kan, P. F., & Duran, L. (2005). Intervention with linguistically diverse preschool children: A focus on developing home language(s).  Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 36, 251-263. Supporting video: Can Special Needs Kids Be Bilingual?

Peña, E.D., Gillam, R.B., Bedore, L.M., & Bohman, T.M. (2011). Risk for poor performance on a language screening measure for bilingual preschoolers and kindergarteners. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 20, 302-314. Supporting video: Can Special Needs Kids Be Bilingual?

Petersen, J.M., Marinova-Todd, S.H., & Mirenda, P. Brief report: An exploratory study of lexical skills in bilingual children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, (Online First, 27 September 2011). Supporting video: Can Special Needs Kids Be Bilingual?

Cross-Linguistic Universals in Reading Acquisition with Applications to English Language Learners with Reading Disabilities, Gorman 2009
Explores reading development and disability in English language learners and native language learners in the United States. Referenced by Dr. Brenda Gorman in the Lingua Health YouTube video “How Speech Language Pathologists Help Identify and Prevent Reading Difficulties” to be released in January of 2012.

Creative and Stylistic Devices Employed by Children during a Storybook Narrative Task: A Cross Cultural Study, Gorman 2011
Looks at the role culture plays in the way children develop narratives based on wordless storybooks and how that impacts assessment and intervention for children of diverse cultural backgrounds. This study is referenced by Dr. Brenda Gorman in the Grupo Lingua YouTube video: “How Culture Influences Children’s Narrative Production” to be released in October of 2011.

Age of First Bilingual Language Exposure as a New Window into Bilingual Reading Development, Kovelman
Highlights the advantage of early dual language exposure for reading development. This resource is referenced by Dr. Brenda Gorman in the Grupo Lingua YouTube video “Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology: Trends and Benefits of Bilingualism” to be released in September of 2011.

The Language Abilities of Bilingual Children with Down Syndrome, Bird 2005
Explores the capacity of Down Syndrome children to acquire more than one language. This research is noted by Dr Brenda Gorman in the Grupo Lingua YouTube video “Can Special Needs Kids be Bilingual?” to be released in November 2011.

Compilation of articles, journals and publications regarding bilingualism effects on cognitive development and language acquisition and development
Bailystok’s research is referenced by Dr. Brenda Gorman in Grupo Lingua’s YouTube video “Myths about Bilingual Children”. Bialystok-references come from a compilation of sources of her work in this area.

Tests and Measurements in Speech-Language Pathology, Gillam & Hoffman chapter, starting on page 77
Looks at the importance of considering social and cultural values and expectations when identifying and accessing language disorders in children. This is the assessment model Dr. Brenda Gorman refers to in the Lingua Health YouTube video: “Speech Pathology: Key Components of Language Assessment”.