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Meet Our Nationwide Team

At Lingua Health you will be supported by a team of highly skilled and energetic clinicians, whose focus is to ensure your career is a huge success. We are your go-to resource, providing the answers and training you need.

John Consalvi, MA, CCC-SLP, Founder and CEO

John is passionate about improving the lives of children with special needs. He has spent his career working with school districts and clinicians, ensuring they have the training and skills necessary to help school aged children reach their full potential. John founded Lingua Health to continue this mission and to inspire and support fellow clinicians in their careers. He has developed and provided CF and leadership opportunities for hundreds of clinicians nationwide for over 20 years.

John is actively involved in state and national associations, currently he is the President of the ASHA Multicultural Constituency Group, The Hispanic Caucus. He also serves as the Vice President of Professional Affairs of the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA). John is always available, whether you’re a school district administrator, a future Lingua Health family member or already a part of our fabulous team.

Millie Figueroa, Vice President of Operations
Millie is a seasoned human resources expert, whose specialty is working with the unique needs of a school based clinician. She provides personalized service to our Lingua Health team members in meeting both their career and personal goals. Her job is to take the worry out of issues such as health care, paychecks, placements, materials and anything else that we as a supportive employer need to do. She works with you and our management team to ensure your career with Lingua Health is beneficial and enjoyable.

Carrie Slaymaker, MA, CCC-SLP, Director of Clinical Services, IL
Carrie is a distinguished member of our management team with an impressive track record of providing exceptional services.  She has extensive augmentative communication experience as well as a deep understanding of the unique needs of the autism spectrum population. Carrie has developed a unique mentorship and CF training program that is tailored to meet the needs of each new clinician. To learn more about our CF training program, email As a treating clinician for over 10 years, Carrie brings a wealth of experience that she can’t wait to share with you.

Marcella McCollum, MA, CCC-SLP, Director of Clinical Services, CA
Marcella is a lecturer, clinical supervisor, and private practitioner. She was most recently clinic director for San Jose State University. She has worked closely with students and recent graduates, providing mentorship and supervision. Prior to her university position, Marcella provided direct services to children, specifically as a member of diagnostic and treatment teams, collaborating with doctors, audiologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, and music therapists. She has provided seminars at the local and state level in the areas of supervision, mentoring, accent, and multicultural issues. She has worked with a variety of culturally and linguistically diverse populations, including Hmong and Somali families in Minnesota and California.

Brenda Gorman, PH.D., CCC-SLP, Advisory Clinical Director
Before entering academia, Brenda worked for many years as a bilingual (Spanish-English) speech-language pathologist providing direct services and parent training with diverse caseloads for early intervention agencies, Head Start centers, and public school districts. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program at Elmhurst College. Brenda has taught courses, conducted research, published, and presented nationally and internationally on topics related to speech and language assessment and intervention in linguistically diverse populations, language and literacy development and disorders, and evidence-based language and literacy intervention for bilingual children.

Sara Pessman, Recruiter
Sara takes the time to understand each clinician’s individual goals, ensuring a career with Lingua Health will be a huge success. She works with our management team to find the ideal placement based on each clinicians needs in interests. Sara follows each team member throughout their career to make sure Lingua Health continues to meet their goals. Her Master’s Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and her experience in recruiting help develop practices to create a happy and engaged team. Learn more about Sara’s approach in her interview with John Consalvi, MA, CCC-SLP.

Stephanie Newell McCabe, MS CCC-SLP, C.O.M., DT, Private Practice & Early Intervention Specialist
Stephanie owns and manages her own private pediatric practice and is also a credentialed early intervention specialist in speech-language pathology and developmental therapy. She serves as a trainer and mentor to Lingua Health’s speech-language pathologists.