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Voting for Monolingual and Bilingual SLP Clinical Success Begins

Evanston, January 1, 2012 – We are pleased to begin 2012 with the opening of the public voting for the $3,500 Clinical Success Awards! By voting for your favorite Clinical Success Stories, you will determine which students and which University clinics will receive the awards. Entrants submitted in one of two categories: Monolingual and Bilingual Clinical Success. The Monolingual and Bilingual entries with the most votes by midnight on February 27th will receive a $3,000 donation to their University clinic and $500 for the student that submitted the successful entry. Our finalists in each category are:


  • California State North Ridge: Small device, BIG impact by Taline Ashekian
  • Marquette University: I’ll Show You! by Christine Bechel
  • San Jose State University: An Unlikely Success by Caitlin Smith
  • Truman State University: Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number by Jordan Gribble
  • Truman State University: A Win for Technology by Kristi Langendoerfer
  • University of Northern Colorado: “I Have a Voice!” by Allison Wischmeyer
  • University of South Dakota: Sister Professions Collaborate for Child with CIs by Devon Fingland
  • University of Utah: Functional Therapy by Moneta Gilger
  • University of Wisconsin Madison: Launching Attitude and Aptitude for Kindergarten Entry: TALK by Alissa Schneeberg


  • Marquette University: Spreading the Seeds of Bilingualism by Carolina Zuniga Solarte
  • Truman State University: Look Who’s Talking by Amy Liebler
  • University of Texas at Dallas: Functional Comm. for Bilinguals: in School AND at Home by Rebecca Shelton

You may vote for up to two entries per day on the SLP Award Facebook contest page. We look forward to seeing what you select as your favorite Clinical Success!