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ASHA Resources: Practice Portal

By Dr. Brenda Gorman, CCC-SLP, Lingua Health Advisory Clinical Director and Marquette University Associate Professor, College of Health Sciences Speech Pathology and Audiology

Dr. Brenda Gorman, CCC-SLP

Dr. Brenda Gorman, CCC-SLP

I recently learned about a wonderful new resource being introduced by ASHA, and I want to spread the good word. It’s the ASHA Practice Portal, currently accessible at

You can see that it’s being designed to be “Your source for vetted practice guidance.” The portal has links to many resources, such as client and patient handouts, tools for improving efficiency and management, information about various important clinical and professional issues (e.g., caseload/workload, SLP assistants), and evidence maps.

I really love these evidence maps. They were introduced by ASHA’s National Center for Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders (N-CEP). What a fabulous, forward thinking idea! There are maps addressing assessment, intervention, and service delivery for a variety of specific speech, language, and hearing disorders. Presently, these include ALS, aphasia, autism, cerebral palsy, cleft lip and palate, dementia, head and neck cancer, Parkinson’s disease, pediatric dysphagia, hearing loss, social communication disorders, and traumatic brain injury. Then, within each box of the particular disorder map, you will find valuable information relevant to evidence-based practice: external scientific evidence, clinical expertise, and client/caregiver perspectives.

For example, if I need more information about intervention for children with cleft lip and palate, I can go to the Cleft Lip and Palate map, click on the Treatment box, next click on the Speech box, and then I am able to pull up a clinical guideline and systematic reviews, along with quality ratings of the resources. How convenient!

You’ll see that the website is currently in a trial version, that new information will continue to be added, and that feedback is welcome. Kudos yet again, ASHA!

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